During this intensive week course your child’s language skills will take a leap. With a whole week of constant immersion and encouragement to participate, the childrens’ confidence will grow and the words and sounds of the new language start to be familiar to them. It takes about 400 repetitions for the brain to remember something new. When learned through play, it takes about 10-20 repetitions. So, by the end of the week your child will understand and speak a lot more.

Activities: Outdoor play, arts and crafts, theatre, clowning, yoga, stories, excursions
Teachers: Amber and Khadija
Dates: July 15 – 19   2019
Location: Maison de la Solidarite, Rue du Viaduc 133, 1050 Ixelles
Ages: 3-7
Hours: 8h30-17h
Costs per week: € 200
Inscriptions: amberalblas@gmail.com / ktaousi@hotmail.com












Intensive Dutch & English summer course

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