Let's Go playschool is a great language school for kids. My child loves the school and has learnt a lot since attending. I see an immense difference in how my child communicates and his knowledge has increased. The school really brought my child out of his shell and is helping him grow into a happy, clever and communicative child.

The teachers are great and Juf Amber's method of learning through play and activity really fosters and encourages the creativity, experience and confidence of the children.

I would highly recommend it!


Alexia (Mother of a child in the Dutch class)

”My teaching style combines an open-minded way of thinking and love for play. I make use of qualitative children’s literature, music, arts, imaginitive play, yoga and physical movement games. During my classes I like to give a lot of attention and stimulate the creativity of each individual child.

I love to connect with them on their own level by being performative and playful. The most important thing I want to trigger and cherish in children is their curiosity, because we need to be curious to be able to really learn anything at all and when we are curious, we can learn anything we want.”

Amber Alblas (Dutch teacher)

”In my classroom I like to create a fun learning environment where everything is geared towards active practice of the language. I use a number of different learning resources such as; books, videos, games and singing. I believe that engaging children using these methods provides better results, because it provides constant stimulation for each child.”

Khadija Taousi (English teacher)

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