At Let's Go play school we like to keep our classes small, so that we can provide help and attention to all the children.  Our teachers will speak 100 % in the target language to the children. Our aim is to provide international schooling at an affordable price so your child gets the chance to get high quality schooling that is all about learning through play. Learning another language as well as social and emotional learning.


"Learning through play, appears to be a simple notion, but has profound meaning. It helps children make sense of the world around them through discovery, allowing them to develop cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically. The importance of play has been studied by various psychologists and scientists for over a century."


When your child arrives at 9:45 the children will be involved in free play, this gives the teacher a chance to have contact with the parents and the children as they walk in.  After the parents have left and everyone feels at ease we'll start the day with circle time, this includes; reading a book, playing games, watching a video clip and singing songs. We'll then explore the themes we encountered further by doing crafts and games. We take the children outside in almost every weather and we'll always talk about everything we encounter, even during snack time. By 12:30 we meet again in circle time to finish the day, looking back at what we've done, singing another song and saying goodbye. At 12:45 parents come to pick their children up. At this time parents are always welcome to ask question to find out how their child is doing.  


Parents usually bring a little backpack for their children with a small snack and drink. Some also bring a painting apron, it's not obliged but helpful if you prefer their clothes to stay clean. We don't mind if the children bring a toy or two,  although we may limit the use of it when necessary. 



As the European Schools, we also follow the model of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Children following the programme from the beginning of Kindergarten cycle should reach the following level of 2nd language proficiency at the end of the cycle:


The kids in our groups who are between 3-6 years old can understand familiar words and very basic phrases. In terms of oral language development, they can greet and name certain everyday objects. They can also count aloud to 20.  

Kids 6-8 are able to formulate simple sentences, understand more complex instructions and are able to read and write some words in the target language.

When a child has no experience yet in the target language the first year will be mainly soaking up all the new information, it's a beautiful phase where they are very amazed about all the new sounds and usually they enjoy that a lot. The second year is, to the teacher, even more rewarding as everything they have been soaking up actually starts coming out and they start being ambitious in trying to say words, numbers and even small phrases. For some children this process goes quicker, for some it takes more time. At Let's Go playschool we don't mind how fast it goes. We enjoy and encourage every progress a child makes at any level or pace the child is able to learn.   


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